Elena Velez How's My Driving?

We teamed up with fashion designer Elena Velez and director C Prinz to craft Midwestern landscapes using experimental new AI tools for the FW23 film debuting on SHOWstudio. The film was shown at Elena’s FW23 show in a multiscreen installation as a preamble to the runway.

Our process began with a collaborative moodboarding session, defining the visual vibe and creating collages to layout elements, textures, and composition. We then generated a myriad of options using an img2img dataset, and utilized the Stability Photoshop plugin with StableDiffusion and Dalle2 for image blending. The images were upscaled using Gigapixel from the Topaz suite, and Automatic1111's depth map extension was used to create a 2.5D effect. To bring everything together, the assets were brought into 3D compositions by INCworks Studio enriched by their proprietary tools for procedurally generated details like telephone wires, roads, and fog.

An animated GIF showing a 3D modeling workspace within the Blender software. The screen displays a textured canyon-like environment being crafted, with rock formations and a staircase. The interface includes various toolbars and panels for object mode, sculpting, and texture paint modes.
This is a 3D rendering of a scene depicting an industrial landscape as seen from a bridge. The view is head-on, with the bridge leading towards a horizon dominated by factories and smokestacks emitting plumes of smoke. The environment is rendered in grayscale, giving it a stark, dystopian appearance. The textures are detailed, with a reflective road surface suggesting a wet or polished finish. The image is overlaid with some 3D design interface elements, such as colored arrows and lines, indicating a work-in-progress stage of a digital design project.
A montage of twelve 3D-rendered semi-trucks against a neutral background, showcasing various models and customizations. Each image captures the trucks in a different pose, highlighting their sleek designs, from classic black and chrome finishes to more modern looks with streamlined aesthetics. The trucks are depicted with a high level of detail, showcasing reflective surfaces, intricate lighting, and the muscular build typical of such heavy-duty vehicles
This composite image juxtaposes two distinct scenes. In the upper portion, a desolate industrial landscape is depicted, with towering cranes looming over a murky, oil-slicked terrain. Below, a solitary figure in modern attire strides confidently past a parked semi-truck that appears out of place on the barren, grey ground that stretches to a stark, industrial building in the background.
C Prinz
Executive Producer
Jill Ferraro
Executive Producer
Emi Stewart
Production Company
Paradise Productions
Production Company
Object & Animal
Director of Photography
Kelly Jeffrey
Joe Van O
Isaac Davidson
Makeup Artist
Nina Carelli
Nail Artist
Lake Stein
Production Designer
Laura Hughes
Art Director
Elena Velez
Junior Art Director
Andreas Emenius
Jason Tibi
Post House
Cabin Editing Company
Color House
Ethos Studio
Creative Studio
Ophelia & Company
Creative Director
Elliot Barbernell
Jeff Haskell
VFX House
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