88rising Head In The Clouds

88rising approached Ophelia to redefine the brand identity and develop a marketing campaign to promote their international festival highlighting artists across the Asian diaspora. In addition to the logo design and brand guidelines, we developed an animated film, bespoke social assets for each artist, and an eye-catching 3D flyer.

An image of a bustling city street under a clear blue sky, featuring a prominent billboard advertisement for the 'Head In The Clouds' Music & Arts Festival by 88rising. The billboard, set against the backdrop of a bright day, displays the festival's distinctive cloud-shaped logo in white and blue with the 88rising emblem, announcing the event at Brookside at the Rose Bowl on August 20-21. Vehicles are seen passing by on the road, indicating the billboard's roadside location in an active urban environment.
A collection of Head In The Clouds festival merchandise laid out on a blue background. Items include a light blue tote bag featuring Clo The Cloud God's face, a festival lanyard, a small square paper with the event's logo, and a folded blue t-shirt with the same branding. Each item carries the playful and friendly character of the festival's mascot and the cool blue tones of the event's aesthetic. 'Head in the Clouds' and the date of the festival, 'August 20-21, 2022', are prominently displayed, highlighting the event's details.
An inviting festival scene featuring fresh coconuts being prepared at the Head In The Clouds festival. Three coconuts are prominently displayed, each branded with the 88rising logo, and one is being opened with a tool by a person wearing white gloves. In the background, a sign reads 'Coconut Postcards,' suggesting an interactive festival experience. The setting is outdoors, with hints of a festival atmosphere suggested by the presence of various flags and decorations in soft focus behind the coconuts.
A cheerful illustration of Clo The Cloud God, the mascot for the Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival. The character is a fluffy, light blue cloud with a cute, friendly face, big sparkling eyes with pink cheeks, and a whimsical smile. Clo's arms and legs are playfully dangling, as if floating in the air. The illustration has a cartoony and endearing style, using a bright and soft color palette that adds to the mascot's inviting and joyful appearance.
A promotional image for the Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival featuring artist Rich Brian. The image displays Rich Brian's portrait on a signpost, with his intense gaze and tousled hair, set against a sky blue background with fluffy clouds. Above the portrait, the festival's logo 'Head in the Clouds' is styled in bold, white, and blue cloud-shaped letters, with the mascot Clo The Cloud God sitting atop. Below the portrait, 'RICH BRIAN' is written in large blue letters, and the event details are noted, including the festival's date and location at Brookside at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA.
Creative Director
Elliot Barbernell
Executive Producer
Jeff Haskell
AD/Lead Designer
Wes So
3D Designer
Angelo Rosales
Kevin Kim
Grace Park