Creative content company providing tailored services for cultural and commercial clients. Ophelia produces campaigns, redefines identities, and develops visual languages.

Community and collaboration inform our thinking, craftsmanship informs our curation, curation informs our creation. Trends are temporary narratives, we prefer thoughtful structures that last.

︎ Video Production
︎ Photography
︎ AR Filters
︎ Album Art
︎ Poster Design
︎ Merchandise
︎ Branding
︎ Tour Visuals
︎ Social Strategy

Elliot Barbernell
Co-Owner & ECD

Jeffrey Haskell
Co-Owner & EP 

Angelo Rosales
Creative Director 

Es Youn
Creative Lead

Jay Park
Art Director

Greg Bruce
Creative Strategist 

Cristopher Brown

Kee Hwang
Video Director

Benjamin Scott
Creative Technologist

Natalie Edgar
Producer (LA)

Yohan Yoon
Producer (NY)

Tabby Cat